IP Assist

IP Group is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of business support services to its portfolio companies that can be tailored to suit individual requirements and are designed to support management teams, particularly in the start-up phase of a company’s life.

Our approach
Our model is based on years of practical experience. We understand the investment process and our aim is to manage fundamental administrative tasks efficiently and autonomously to allow the board and business development and academic teams to develop and prove the company’s concept on time and in budget.

We get involved pre-incorporation and play an integral role in establishing the basic framework for the company, adapting and advising as the company grows through the grub/incubation stage, grant applications, seed funding, further financing rounds and through to exit. We have been actively supporting a number of companies for nearly a decade while others request assistance for a particular project on a short-term basis.

What our clients say about us

“Apart from making complete financial sense, IP Group’s Business Support team is the only way to successfully and effectively support the start-up of a company! We’ve grown from a “virtual” at day one, to being fully operational within 12 months - something only possible with the team completely behind us and doing all of the administrative heavy lifting whilst we found our feet. As we’ve grown, they’ve been by our side during the recruitment process and trained our new office-based team whilst fully supporting the transfer of admin duties to us.

We place such value in their expertise, knowledge and responsiveness that even though we’ve grown, we keep the Business Support team close at hand and they continue to play an extremely large part in our success.”
Dave Simpson, CEO Glythera Limited

“Avacta found the IP Assist Service to be an invaluable help when setting up the business.  The amount and complexity of the corporate documentation and record keeping should not be underestimated and it would have been a huge distraction for us if we had had to do this unaided.  The Business Support Service handled all of the corporate, legal and HR work streams for Avacta in the early days and provided an efficient and high-value service.”
Alastair Smith, CEO Avacta Group Plc

Find Out More

To discuss potential requirements for IP Assist services or for more information, please contact Ani Earney.