IP Exec


Business building

IP Exec is central to the Group’s business building methodology. Involved from the outset, the team has a unique opportunity to shape the development of a company’s leadership capability, providing continuity as advisors and able to share a wealth of experience at critical stages as a company grows.

Uniquely accountable and with interests aligned to all shareholders, IP Exec is focused on quality rather than fee generation. The team seeks to identify the best possible talent for our portfolio companies, whilst building networks of proven entrepreneurs and successful board directors who help to shape our thinking and maximise returns for all stakeholders.

Operating within a dynamic ecosystem

IP Exec sits at the heart of a dynamic, growth enabling, technology literate ecosystem. The team leverages the knowledge and contacts of investors, advisors, entrepreneurs and board directors across almost 100 IP-based businesses. This enables IP Exec to access the best available talent in a timely and efficient manner.

Capability, training and experience

Successful headhunting relies on a combination of knowledge, networks and timing, underpinned by energy, passion and a commitment to deliver. IP Exec is passionate about technology and motivated to deliver for colleagues and partners alike. The team offers a professional search service which, since 2006, has delivered an outstanding track record of appointments leading to significant value creation.

If you are a successful entrepreneur and/or passionate about building world-changing businesses then please get in touch! Or to see a short summary of what we can offer, please click here.