Robert Trezona
Physical Sciences

Robert has been working in technology venture for 9 years, focussing on cleantech and materials opportunities. He has experience both as an investor, as a manager of start-ups and as a strategy consultant. Prior to joining IP Group in 2011, he was Head of Research and Development at the Carbon Trust, where he set up their “Research Challenge” technology venturing initiative, which created and capitalised innovative companies in advanced photovoltaics, second-generation biofuels and fuel cells.

He started his career in fuel cells working for Johnson Matthey and then as the leader of the materials and process development teams at Ceres Power, which listed on AIM in 2004. He has also worked as a strategy consultant for McKinsey & Company, where he focussed on strategy and operations in the energy, technology and materials sectors. He has a triple First and a PhD from the University of Cambridge and won the 1996 Goldsmiths Prize as the top Cambridge graduate in Materials Science.