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Half-yearly results to 30 June 2017

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IP Group plc – Half-yearly results

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IP Group plc Annual Report and Accounts 2016

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IP Group plc – Annual Results

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  • Net assets of £968.1m (HY16: £748.5m; FY16: £768.7m)
  • Hard NAV of £890.5m (HY16: £683.5m; FY16: £706.5m)
  • Return on Hard NAV of £21.3m (HY16: loss of £30.6m; FY16: loss of £7.6m)
  • Gross cash and deposits at 30 June 2017: £263.1m (HY16: £174.7m; FY16: £112.3m) including net proceeds from capital raise of £180.3m settled during period