Eco Chemical Enterprises plc - Product update

31 May 2007

Further to the announcement made on 23 April 2007, Eco Chemical Enterprises plc ( "ECE")  is  pleased  to announce the successful presentation of the results of the trials of Perachem  FR, its flame retardant fabric treatment, at the recent CRIET conference in Istanbul.  This  is an annual, international conference for the European textile finishing industry.

ECE  specialises  in  developing products  that  have  limited  impact  on  the environment  and  health   while  still  providing  performance  equivalent  to conventional treatments or processes. Perachem  FR  is  a  wash-durable, high-performing  flame  retardant  which  does  not generate formaldehyde  emissions during  manufacture  or  use (according to the  International  Association  for Research on Cancer formaldehyde  is  a  "Group  1"  proven  human carcinogen by inhalation);  it  also  avoids the need for any liquid ammonia storage  by  the fabric coater. These attributes  are  seen  in  the  industry as bringing major benefits.

Andrew  Bayliff,  ECE's Chief Executive, commented, "I am  delighted  with  the response to our Perachem  FR  presentation  from  so many fabric coaters across Europe. This event has been a significant step forward for us in validating the commercial worth of our technology to this industry."