Eco Chemical Enterprises plc - Directors' shareholdings

29 Jun 2007

The Company has today been informed that Hichens, Harrison & Co. plc on 25 June sold  ordinary  shares  at  335 pence belonging to Richard Farleigh and Stephen Winston, directors of the Company, in order to provide liquidity to the market. These sales have been conducted by Hichens, Harrison under the terms of Letters of Authority entered into by  certain  shareholders  on  2nd  August  2006  and referred  to  in  a  PLUS Admission document of even date issued by the Company under its former name,  Primavera  Capital plc.  1,250 and 625 shares were sold for Messrs. Farleigh and Winston respectively at 335 pence per share.

As a result of these disposals, the  number  of  shares held by Mr. Farleigh is now 1,013,750 (representing approximately 12.73% of  the Company's total voting rights) and by Mr. Winston is 506,875 shares (approximately 6.37%).