Applied Graphene Materials plc - Positive results from independent coatings trials

17 Apr 2015

Applied Graphene Materials, the producer of specialty graphene materials, is pleased to report positive preliminary findings following independent performance testing on graphene reinforced polyurethane coatings using graphene produced by the Group. The performance testing was undertaken by a globally recognised independent coatings expert.

Polyurethane coatings are used in a wide range of industries including automotive, aircraft and general industrial coatings.

Although the extensive test programme is continuing, the initial results demonstrate that low loading levels of the Group's graphene nanoplatelets substantially enhance the scratch resistance and ultimate tensile strength of a polyurethane clearcoat, and critically with minimal impact on transparency or colour. This opens up the route to further development for commercial applications in numerous high performance paints and coatings.

Applied Graphene Materials will be sharing the findings of the test programme with its Coatings Industry partners and also engaging with other interested parties when at the European Coatings Show in Nuremburg, between 21 April and 23 April 2015.

Jon Mabbitt, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

"We are delighted with the progress that has been achieved. The results confirm our own research findings and indicate that these results can be translated to higher volume applications. With a scalable manufacturing process and a strong supporting technical team within Applied Graphene Materials, we are well placed to help our customers apply and exploit graphene in their end products and markets."




For further information, please contact:

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Jon Mabbitt, Chief Executive Officer
Oliver Lightowlers, Chief Financial Officer

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Notes to Editors

Applied Graphene Materials

Applied Graphene Materials was founded by Professor Karl Coleman in 2010 with its operations and processes based on technology that he initially developed at Durham University.  The Group was admitted to AIM in November 2013, raising £11 million, and is based at the Wilton Site on Teesside.

The Group has developed a proprietary bottom-up process which is capable of producing high purity graphene nanoplatelets using a continuous process. The manufacturing process is based on sustainable, readily available raw materials and therefore does not rely on the supply of graphite, unlike a number of other graphene production techniques. Applied Graphene Materials owns the intellectual property and know-how behind this process.

Applied Graphene Materials works in partnership with its customers using its knowledge and expertise to provide bespoke graphene dispersions and formats to deliver enhancements and benefits for a wide range of applications.