Tissue Regenix Group plc - Launch of TRX BioSurgery and new distributor agreement

26 Feb 2018

Tissue Regenix Group (AIM:TRX) ("Tissue Regenix" or the "Group"), the regenerative medical devices company, today announces the launch of operating division, "TRX BioSurgery". DermaPure®, a decellularized, room-temperature stable dermal allograft will be the flagship product under the TRX BioSurgery division. Currently commercialised under Tissue Regenix Wound Care, Inc., which will begin operating as 'TRX BioSurgery', DermaPure has proven successful in multiple surgical applications. Due to DermaPure's impressive single application clinical outcomes, it has been adopted by surgeons within the acute surgical, wound reconstruction, and traditional advanced wound care markets. In particular, DermaPure has seen significant uptake in the orthopaedic trauma and urogynaecology segments, where treatment innovation has been in high demand.

In order to further expand this opportunity, Tissue Regenix has entered an exclusive distribution partnership with ARMS Medical, a specialist distributor in the urogynaecology segment. The multi-year agreement gives ARMS Medical exclusive rights to distribute DermaPure to hospitals and surgeons throughout the United States for use in urology and gynecology procedures. The partnership will allow Tissue Regenix's direct sales force to maintain their focus on soft tissue regeneration in the Wound, Plastics, Orthopaedics and General Surgery markets.

Steve Couldwell, CEO, Tissue Regenix Group commented: "We are excited to announce the launch of the BioSurgery division. Progressing from traditional wound care clinical settings to surgical applications is a natural evolution for DermaPure, which has proven to be clinically efficient in just a single application. Our partnership with ARMS Medical, who are known for bringing innovation to women's pelvic health solutions, allows us to leverage their strong relationships with Key Opinion Leaders in the urogynaecology space to further access this market, whilst also maintaining commercial focus in our other key areas."

TRX BioSurgery will be exhibiting at the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine, & Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU), February 27 - March 3, 2018, Austin, TX.

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About Tissue Regenix

Tissue Regenix is a leading medical devices company in the field of regenerative medicine. Tissue Regenix was formed in 2006 when it was spun-out from the University of Leeds, UK. The company's patented decellularisation ('dCELL®') technology removes DNA and other cellular material from animal and human soft tissue leaving an acellular tissue scaffold which is not rejected by the patient's body and can then be used to repair diseased or worn out body parts. Current applications address many critical clinical needs such as sports medicine, heart valve replacement and wound care.

In November 2012 Tissue Regenix Group plc set up a subsidiary company in the United States - 'Tissue Regenix Wound Care Inc.', January 2016 saw the establishment of joint venture GBM-V, a multi- tissue bank based in Rostock, Germany.

In August 2017 Tissue Regenix acquired CellRight Technologies®, a biotech company that specializes in regenerative medicine and is dedicated to the development of innovative osteoinductive and wound care scaffolds that enhance healing opportunities of defects created by trauma and disease. CellRight's human osteobiologics may be used in spine, trauma, general orthopedic, foot & ankle, dental, and sports medicine surgical procedures.