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University of Cambridge

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8power, a University of Cambridge spin-out, has unique technology for three industrial ‘internet of things’ (IoT) markets: manufacturing process optimisation; utility asset management; and transport infrastructure management. The company’s vibrational energy harvesting systems can capture significantly more energy from ambient vibration, across a wider frequency spectrum, than other published technologies. Combining this with low-power proprietary sensor technology gives a unique proposition, which allows self-powering IoT sensor nodes to be installed cost effectively in situations where this is currently not feasible. The company plans to capture significant value from this advantage by developing system- or service-level offerings that will provide new insight for asset owners and managers and dramatically reduce their operating and maintenance costs and improve their environmental performance.

As at 30 June 2016
IP Group holding 23.6%
IP Venture Fund II* holding

*IP Group has a 33.3% economic interest in IP Venture Fund II

Holdings represent undiluted beneficial equity interest excluding debt